Lip Blush

Lip blush is a permanent cosmetic tattooing procedure achieved by depositing pigments into your lips.


Over time, your lips start to loose colour from the vermillion border and cupids bow. This causes lack of definition, volume and symmetry across the lips.


 We can help to restore your lips to a more youthful appearance by adding soft layers of colour and redefining your natural border. 

Sheer Lips

Sheer Lips is a soft tint of colour throughout the lips for a natural wash of definition. No harsh borders and outlines! Suits everyone wanting a natural flush of colour through the whole lips. This treatment is suitable on lip tissue light to medium in value 

Full Saturation Lips

Full saturation of colour throughout the lip tissue to achieve more of a lip stick result. A longer lasting effect (2-3 years) with either a defined or soft vermillion border.


The Choice is yours...

Does it Hurt?



We want you to be as comfortable as possible which is why we pre-numb your lips before and during your procedure.


There is a level of discomfort as we are breaking the skin

How Long does it Last?


This will depend on what technique you choose. Sheer lips will last between 12 months - 15 months before needing a colour boost. HD lips 15 months - 24 months before needing a colour boost.

The life of your lips depends on your skin, lifestyle, medication and product usage.

How do you choose the shade?


There are 24 pure shades which can all be mixed to make a custom shade perfect for you.

If you have a favourite lipstick that you would like to match, please bring it along to your appointments and we will colour swatch to match it.

How much does it cost?


At the moment, both techniques cost the same although HD lips takes slightly longer as we are implanting more pigment.

Consultation £20

Full Treatment £325

Complimentary 8 Week Top Up Included