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Lip Blush

Lip Blush is the latest cosmetic tattoo procedure that has taken the beauty industry by storm!


We have created our signature style "Soften & Blossom Lip Blush", achieved by gently depositing pigments into the upper layers of  lips for permanent results


Over time, lips start to loose colour from the vermillion border (lip outline) and cupids bow (top centre dip). Lips loose their definition, volume and symmetry.


 We can help to restore your lips to a more youthful appearance by adding soft layers of colour and redefining your natural border. 

Our Signature Style...

Soften & Blossom Lip Blush

We pride ourselves on the most natural healed results for our clients, and just like a flower in nature blooms, so does our signature lip blush.

Straight after your treatment, the pigment will appear vibrant, and your lips may experience swelling. This is only temporary (2-3 days) and is your bodies natural response to the treatment.


Your lips will go through an 8 week healing period. During which, the vibrancy of the colour will soften and the true hue will bloom in the skin.

At 8 weeks, the skin is fully healed and a top up is carried out. The Lip Blush process is repeated to ensure perfect coverage throughout the lips, establishing the foundation for long lasting results of your lip blush treatment.


Does it Hurt?




Lip tissue is very sensitive which is why we pre-numb for 30 minutes prior to the treatment and also during to keep you feeling comfortable.

The numbing sensation is similar to that at the dentist.

How Long does it Last?

Generally we expect Lip Blush to show in the skin for 1-3 years depending on the level of saturation.


Lifestyle, hormones, gym, sun exposure, medications are also factors that effect how long your permanent make-up will last.

How do you choose the colour?


If you have a favourite selection of lipsticks, it is a great idea to bring these along to your appointment and we will colour swatch variations to match them.

Usually you can see a trend in the hues you like to wear which makes the colour selection effortless.

How much does it cost?


Consultations are required prior to your treatment. This is a "no obligation to book" appointment but is mandatory for insurance purposes.

Consultation £20

Full Treatment £325

8 Week Top Up FREE

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