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Natural Hair Stroke Brow

Multi Award Winning Artist

Katy Northey
Microblading Hairstroke Brows Devon Permanent Makeup Katy Northey GLAM Brixham



is Power

We are proud to lead the industry with our award winning and safest tattoo techniques 


Being an expert in a variety of pigment implantation methods, we are able to offer you the perfect technique for your skin type which will ultimately give you the best long term results

Please take a few minutes to read through the different methods and think about your own skin type and the look you would like to achieve

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Natural Hair Stroke

Our signature Natural Hair Stroke Brow technique implants micro dots of pigment into the superficial layers of skin with a powered tattoo device. Dots created with a single needle deposit pigment into a line, mimicking a natural strand of hair which we see with a similar technique called microblading.

Because we are implanting pigment into the skin, it is classed as a tattoo, but is more commonly known in the beauty industry as Permanent Make-Up.


This is by far our most preferred technique... why? Because it causes minimal trauma to the skin with beautiful, long lasting results. There is also a wide spectrum of colours for your skin type


Results last anywhere between 1-3 years dependent on a variety of factors: skin, lifestyle, medications, health, age. 


An "annual" colour boost is recommended to rebalance the colour and keep the shape. Although "annual" refers to a time frame between 12 - 24 months, you will only come in when your brows need a refresh. 




Suitable for Dry, Normal & Oily Skin Types. 

Not Suitable for Excessively Oily Skin Types, Very Thin or Fragile Skin 

Powder Brow

 A gentle technique for delicate skin which looks like tint on the skin 

Suitable for all skin types. 

This technique has many names: Powder Brow, Ombré, Invisibrow, Pixelated brows... to name but  a few!

We love this technique due to its diversity. You can go as bold or as soft as you like, your brows can be sharply defined or without visible edges, and it's suitable for all skin types and all ages.

Results last anywhere between 1-2 years dependent on a variety of factors: skin, lifestyle, medications, health. With an annual colour boost recommended to rebalance the colour.


Multi Award Winning Brow Artist Katy Northey

What  to Expect

STEP 1: All new brow clients require a consultation prior to any brow treatment, especially if you have previous permanent makeup.


Consultations are an important part of your brow journey, this is your time to ask questions, to go through your medical history, your medications, and your lifestyle... all these factors have an effect on the ice of your new brows.


We also apply a small patch test to your inner arm which allows us to see if you develop a sensitivity to any of the products used during your treatment. 

After discussing which technique would be most suited for your skin type and brow expectations, you are able to now book in online for your full treatment.


Consultation time 15 minutes

STEP 2: The day of your Full Treatment.

Whether you have chosen Natural Hairstokre Technique or Powder Brow techinque, the process is very similar. Once we have made you comfortable, your brow shape is mapped out with a brow pencil according to your facial features, to which you can approve or we can make adjustments. Once you are 100% happy with your new shape, then we start the treatment. Numbing is applied once the skin has been broken, after this point you will not feel any discomfort.

Treatment time:  2.5 hours - 3 Hours

STEP 3: Your 6 Week Top Up.

Your body will naturally break down some of the pigment during healing so this is a mini touch up to perfect any broken strokes and a chance for you to go darker, or bigger if you require to do so. 

Remember, we can always add but it is harder to take away, for this reason I am more cautious until I see how your skin heals, and propriety amendments can be made at this top up appointment

Please book your 6 Week Top Up when booking your full treatment

Treatment time 1 - 1.5 hours

What to Expect
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