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Natural Hair Stroke Brows

Natural Hair Stroke Brows is our signature technique that delicately implants microdots of pigment into the skin's upper layers using a gentle tattoo device.


These microdots, created with a single needle, precisely mimic natural hair strands, less harmful than the previous method of microblading. While technically classified as a tattoo due to the pigment implantation, it's widely recognised in the beauty realm as Permanent Make-Up

This technique is highly favoured for its gentle approach, yielding beautiful and long-lasting results with minimal skin trauma. Moreover, we offer a broad range of hues tailored to your skin tone.

Results typically endure between 1-3 years, influenced by factors such as skin condition, lifestyle, medications, health, and age.

We recommend an "annual" color boost to maintain color balance and shape. However, the term "annual" spans between 12-24 months, ensuring you only visit when your brows require a touch-up.


Suitable for Dry, Normal & Oily Skin Types. 

Not Suitable for Excessively Oily Skin Types, Very Thin or Fragile Skin 

Powder Brow

Suitable for all skin types. 

This technique has many names: Powder Brow, Ombré, Invisibrow, Pixelated brows... to name but  a few!

We love this technique due to its diversity. You can go as bold or as soft as you like, your brows can be sharply defined or without visible edges, and it's suitable for all skin types and all ages.

Results last anywhere between 1-2 years dependent on a variety of factors: skin, lifestyle, medications, health. With an annual colour boost recommended to rebalance the colour.


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What  to Expect


New clients are invited to attend a face to face consultation prior to any permanent make-up treatment. Consultations are an important part of the process, this is your time to ask questions and discuss the out come you want to achieve.

A small patch will be applied to your inner arm which tests for sensitivities and removed after 1 hour

Please allow 10 mins per consultation


If there were no visible reactions to the patch test, please visit the booking app and choose an appointment which is convenient to you


Please read through the email which you will receive 24 hours prior to your treatment. Pay attention to all the drinks and medications you need to avoid


You will be nervous and this is a natural reaction. Please try to stay relaxed and make sure you eat something prior your appointment. Allow plenty of time to arrive and be reassured... You are in safe hands!

Before we start any tattooing, you will always need to pre-approve the design, this is either the brow shape or lip shape outline depending on your treatment 


Treatment Time Brows 1.5 Hours

Treatment Time Lips 3 Hours

STEP 5: Attend Your Colour Refresh

Brows require a colour refresh at 6 weeks

Lip Blush requires a colour refresh at 8 weeks

Your body will naturally break down some of the pigment during healing. We go over all the entire tattoo. This is chance to talk about colour density and size. Remember, we can always add but we can not take away! For this reason, It is better to build in stages

Treatment Time  Brows: under 1  hour

Treatment Time Lip Blush: 2 Hours

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